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December 03, 2018

Important Reminders for the Upcoming 2018 Filing Season

As you begin to get ready for the upcoming 2019 filing season here are some important reminders:

Delay in Federal Refunds for Returns that claim EITC or Additional Child Tax Credit

Remember, by law any refunds on federal returns that claim EITC or Additional Child Tax Credit cannot be issued until mid-February.

These refunds will begin to be released on February 15 and should be in taxpayer's accounts by the end of February.

Affordable Care Act Penalty for 2018 returns
The repeal of the individual penalty provision for not having health insurance does not go into effect until 2019.

Therefore, as we approach the beginning of the 2019 filing season, the individual penalty (individual shared responsibility payment) applies for 2018. This means that if an individual did not have health insurance for all or part of 2018 and did not qualify for an exemption then they will owe a penalty on their 2018 federal return.

If it is determined that an individual does owe a penalty for 2018, it is calculated as the greater of :

The maximum family flat dollar amount for 2018 is $2,085

Expiration of ITINs
ITINs are identifying numbers assigned to taxpayers who do not qualify for a Social Security Number.

At the end of 2018 the following ITINs will expire and must be renewed if an individual wants to use it on a 2018 federal return:

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